MainsPro Lite compliant with CEI 0-21 ed. 2019-04

ComAp´s MainsPro LITE is fully compliant with the Italian regulation CEI 0-21: 2019-04 and represents the ideal solution for all mains connected applications, including gen-sets and renewable energy sources.
In Italy, CEI 0-21 regulation defines the technical rules for active and passive users connected to low voltage electrical networks. The CEI 0-21: 2019-04 edition covers all the EU 2016/631 Grid Code requirements.
European Commission regulation EU 2016/631 has established the “Grid Code,” to align the connection criteria for generators in parallel with mains in the European Union countries.
MainsPro Lite is a mains decoupling relay belonging to the ComAp´s Mains Protection product line that provides the necessary protection of all applications where generators operate in parallel with the mains.

Šárka Augustinová
Šárka Augustinová
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