New Generation of InteliGateways: InteliGateway 100 and InteliGateway 300

The InteliGateway family has two new members: InteliGateway 100 and InteliGateway 300 that ensure flexible connection of 3rd party devices into the ComAp ecosystem.

InteliGateway 100 is a successor of the previous InteliGatway that enables the connection of 3rd party devices into ComAp monitoring and management systems represented by WebSupervisor and InteliSCADA. 

On the other hand, InteliGateway 300 is the successor of the InteliFieldbus Gateway that, on top of InteliGateway 100 capabilities, enables interconnectivity between ComAp controllers and 3rd party Modbus devices, be it invertors, battery energy storage systems or other devices.

ComAp's new InteliGateways communication modules

On top of the capabilities that ComAp customers already know from the previous generations, the new InteliGateways have a data buffering feature that prevents data loss during a possible network outage.

Dual Ethernet ports have also been embedded to enhance cybersecurity through the concept of trusted/private and untrusted/public networks.

For more details, please visit the following product pages:

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