InteliGen 500 Microgrid - Easy solution for small-scale hybrid applications

Let us introduce you to our new solution for the smaller scale hybrid applications – the InteliGen 500 Microgrid. It allows users to integrate various sources of energy under one control system. The solution´s logic is based on our standard genset controller - InteliGen 500, which needs to be equipped with InteliFieldbus gateway and a brand new optional firmware called InteliGen 500 Microgrid. It can handle complex energy management of a site consisting of a single diesel gen-set, PV solar plant and a Battery Energy Storage System, and can incorporate a grid connection too if needed.

Renewable sources preferredThe system prefers the use of renewable energy by the built-in energy management algorithms. The solution is designed to be very flexible so the user can start with basic PV-genset set-up and extend the site by battery energy storage system or Mains connection at a later stage without having to change the control system components.

Smart battery managementCyclical battery charging allows using the genset at its most efficient power point to charge the battery energy storage system battery and then shut down to let the batteries supply the load. Auto mains failure function is set directly on battery so if there's enough energy stored in batteries there's no need to start the genset immediately when the mains fail.

InteliGen 500 Microgrid is compatible almost with all photovoltaics and BESS inverters.
IG 500 Microgrid will be available during June 2021.

We also provide solution for complex Hybrid/Microgrid sites. For more information, please visit our Hybrid power generation site

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