IG GSC and IS GSC-C software upgrade

Our Grid Codes-supporting genset controllers InteliGen GSC and InteliSys GSC-C have new software available as of this Monday, August 24. Both gensets are fully compliant with all the new grid codes requirements compulsory for Europe (EU 2016/631 Requirements for Generators; German grid codes VDE-AR-N 4110:2018 & VDE-AR-N 4105:2018; UK grid codes G99 and many others) and the United States requirements (IEEE 1547-2018).

New firmware upgrade brings following significant grid codes features improvement: 

New alarms to avoid non-functional settings for grid codes functionsSupport of grid codes features in MINT application together with mains controller InteliMains NT BaseBoxPossibility to ENABLE/DISABLE selected grid codes featuresNew Grid Codes screens for the InteliVision displaysAnd many more…

And completely new features: 

  • Setpoints VectorShift and RoCoF protection were added to the MINT application
  • New LBI: Force Sync – enables manually to initiate synchronisation
  • Full Tier 4 Final and Stage V after-treatment support
  • Support of hybrid installations with the InteliSys Hybrid controller, including Dynamic spinning reserves functionality
  • A droop regulation of kW/kVAr possibility
  • Support of the engine start from the external controller
  • GeCon applicationAnd many more…

For the full list of new functions, updates and software download, please go to the Product Pages of IG GSC, IG GSC-C and IS GSC-C controllers.

If you like to take a deeper dive into Grid Codes, there are still online webinars available on our website: 

  • Grid Codes 1: New Grid Codes Requirements,
  • Grid Codes 2: Grid Codes in ComAp Controllers,
  • Grid Codes 3: Dynamic Network Support and Synchronisation,
  • Grid Codes 4: Reactive Power Regulation Modes,
  • Grid Codes 5: Active Power Regulation Modes

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