Forgotten your password? Ask InteliBot

Our technical support team recently welcomed a new team member. The new team member knows all the products and their properties by heart, never sleeps and can answer questions twenty-four seven.

You’ve probably guessed that the new team member is not human. Working with Xolution developers, our technical support engineers developed InteliBot a new, virtual ComAp employee that can answer the most common customer queries and solve problems users may encounter. InteliBot also works with online manuals and other documents and searches for answers and solutions in them. It contains a complete database of solutions, applications and products, including image material. For example: if a user forgets their password for a controller or online account, InteliBot will let them change it or generate a new one for them. Needless to say, this takes place with identity verification and guaranteed privacy protection.

InteliBot is built on state-of-the-art cloud technologies. Its core operates on MS Bot Framework and its human speech proficiency is enabled via NLU Luis and Text Analytics API, or the QNA maker application that comes under Microsoft’s cognitive services. Semantic searching (with understanding) functions via active machine learning, combined with the Azure Search service originally developed for the BING browser.

With every interaction, InteliBot is developing and improving its responses. That is why we will appreciate any feedback to be able to implement new functions according to customers' needs and therefore, to provide even better support.

InteliBot is now accessible to everyone and it will be extended to ComAp’s other communication channels in future.

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