ComAp has partnered with FLOWBOX to bring a smart proposition in Energy Demand Management

ComAp, the leading provider of smart control solutions for the power generation and engine control industry, has signed a worldwide agreement with FLOWBOX to bring a strong integrated solution for Energy Demand Management, targeted at B2B industrial and commercial customers. The new partnership focuses on integration of current solutions for Power Sources Management, Onsite Energy Flow, Demand Response and Load Control under one piece of software. The service will help customers to cut costs on energy, enhance power sustainability, secure stable electricity supply, and have everything under one control system, easily accessible from anywhere.

“With this unique cooperation we would like to address customers for whom energy management is not their core business, but they see a big opportunity in it in terms of savings, or even monetisation when reacting to the grid demand,“ said Ales Prochazka, a Merger & Acquisition Manager in ComAp. “Another undoubted benefit of Energy Management and FLOWBOX application is increasing sustainabilty demands – by exact measurement of on-site energy flow with a strong focus on emission reduction.“

“FLOWBOX was developed with the vision to deliver a smart ecosystem that would easily integrate various nonrelated technologies into one platform to provide management of energy flow with the real control outputs of the site,“ described Petr Vaněk, a FlowBox founder and the Technical Director of the platform.

Energy Demand Management could be utilised in many applications from smart cities with Building Management Systems, Combined Heat and Power systems (CHP) at complex industrial sites, to Hybrid Microgrids and sites with renewable sources of energy. “The variability of FLOWBOX platform is endless, we are able to integrate most of the sub-systems from other suppliers into one application accessible either from the cloud or on-premise if needed,” continued Vaněk.

Overview of solutions that can be synchronized with FLOWBOX:

  • Power Sources Management – either back-up power or continuous power generation.
  • Demand Response - enabling end-users to actively react to the demand of the grid:  with low energy level from the grid,  their own power generation starts, and if having surplus energy, they can sell it to the utility provider.
  • Onsite Energy Flow – integrating different technologies and measuring all kinds of on-site energy sources (electricity, gas, heat, renewables, batteries and more), with the real onsite control outputs.
  • Load Control – from load shedding; when a user can define the order of the loads switching off and on to prevent gen-set wear; to the complex control of efficent energy consumption and immediate action if any excess is monitored.             


Since 2012, FLOWBOX develops, supplies and implements its intelligent integration digitization platform for automation and technology management in a wide range of industrial segments from manufacturing to agriculture, from buildings to smart cities. The IID platform integrates smart sensors and smart controllers that give users autonomous control over their technologies or buildings, address lack of oversight, and provide advanced power management and technology management, including ML or AI-based preventive and predictive maintenance. 

FLOWBOX belongs to a group of companies focused on cleantech and proptech technologies and with its products it aims at future challenges in the field of energy, which are flexibility and aggregation based on distributed energy sources.

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