Solution for Gas Gen-sets and CHPs Training

This training is focused on the control of gas engines, their specifics in comparison with the
control of diesel gen-sets, description of the ComAp solution (InteliSys Gas) for various types of
gas gen-sets, and applications where gas gen-sets are used.

Covered Controllers:
InteliSys Gas

Covered SW Tools:
GenConfig, InteliMonitor, InteliScada, WinScope

Candidates are requested to install all the above latest releases of software tools onto their
laptops before attending the course.


Day 1
Introduction, aim of the session.
Block 1:
Essential control parts on the gas engine, what needs to be controlled before engine start,
start itself, synchronisation process of gas engines.
Block 2:
Air Fuel Ratio control

Day 2
Block 3:
Interface to on-engine products, ComAp Speed governors, Stepper motor control
Block 4:
Possible issues during gas engine commissioning
Block 5:
Questions & Answers - open session

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