Introducing new marine controller: InteliGen 1000 Marine that drives sustainability with DC PMS

ComAp announces a new range of dedicated marine controllers and devices, leading with the InteliGen 1000 Marine, which embraces AC and DC Power Management Systems in one controller. With this set-up, the new marine controllers can manage any power source onboard vessels – be it battery packs, fuel cells, traditional generators, shaft generators, shore connection, and microgrid. Accompanied by a breaker controller InteliMains 1010 Marine, InteliVision 5.2 Marine display and InteliDC4/4 measurement module, ComAp offers a holistic solution for any vessel’s power management.

"With the urge for emission reduction and efficiency, electrification of vessels is an answer to these calls in the marine industry. That's why we have developed a solution for DC systems embedded in the new InteliGen 1000 Marine controller that can, along with traditional AC PMS, integrate any power sources,“ says Jaroslav Juriga, Marine Segment Manager at ComAp.

Pre-programmed applications save engineering and commissioning costs

Many solutions in the market are PLC-based, which is demanding for development. InteliGen 1000 Marine offers a unique concept of pre-programmed applications for fast and simple commissioning but also includes a large built-in PLC interpreter to meet individual project requirements. Moreover, it has expandable functions via a software key mechanism, and it is ready for new markets and applications, as it can support the AC or DC power management requirements today and in the future.

Complies with the latest marine industry certifications and cyber security standards

The InteliGen 1000 Marine complies with the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) Unified Requirements E10 and E22.Additionally, the InteliGen 1000 Marine complies with the cybersecurity guidelines and requirements of the industrial automation and control systems set by the IACS Unified Requirement E27 and relevant IEC standards, such as IEC 62443.

Unified interface, advanced communication and data collection

The InteliGen 1000 Marine not only standardises the interface across multiple energy sources, but thanks to the integrated Modbus master function, it can get data from any Modbus-based device, such as diagnostics, Battery management systems, inverters, VFDs, etc. InteliGen 1000 Marine is also compatible with other controllers, such as ComAp´s InteliDrive DCU Marine, and can integrate engine monitoring, control, and protection over the CAN bus. This combination of ComAp products provides significant reductions in installation and troubleshooting costs.

The InteliGen 1000 Marine, InteliMains 1010 Marine, InteliVision 5.2 Marine and InteliDC 4/4 are due for release in Q1, 2024. 

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