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Every project is different - so is ComAp!

Addressing the Generator and Switchgear market segment, we concentrate on customers, who add value through their engineering skills to project-based integrated solutions for complex systems.

Engineering Support Together with products, ComAp will deliver the service to make you successful on your project
Flexibility New level of flexibility enabling customers to meet any application requirements
Remote Communications Your rental fleet under control. Anytime, anywhere.

How it works

ComAp’s products control gen-sets and generators in various power management schemes with variety of operation modes from peak shaving and demand-side management, to complex technology control through its internal programmable logic. Besides gen-set control, ComAp’s products open and close circuit breakers, but also do all this with no need for a master controller. ComAp’s products all communicate together to ensure a reliable and efficient site.


Recommended by our customers

'ComAp displays are very user friendly and show an overview of the entire site, making them suitable for any complex installation.'

Peter Aaby VP Genset Nordics

applications examples

Mission-critical Multiple Gen-sets Standby
aplication image

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