Building Management for Hospital San Rafael de Alajuela

Building Management for Hospital San Rafael de Alajuela

Hospital San Rafael de Alajuela was founded in 1883. Actually it attends to a population of around 300,000 people in all medical specialties. In 2004, The New Hospital San Rafael de Alajuela was built over an 81400 m2; with a new building of 31,465m2. The hospital has its own Building Management System (BMS), in which the Engineering Department monitors the activity of the most important machines that make the Hospital run day and night.

Recently the Hospital made the decision to upgrade the fire control system to ensure patient and staff safety. Their current fire pump also did not feature a modern control system that could be easily integrated into the BMS. This situation made the engineers to worry about a not detectable fail of the equipment in case of an emergency.

They purchased ComAp’s Diesel Engine Fire Pump Controller, composed by one InteliDrive Lite FPC and an IB-Lite. The whole controller was designed under the NFPA-20 standards, including the engine control and protections, and the pump pressure monitoring. Another great  function, is that the engineers in charge of this machine, use the WinScope PC Tools to record and register the usage of the pump and the pressure in the pipes, as this is a requisite of the NFPA 20.

The controller also include two InteliCharger 60 12-AF, one for each battery of the system, to keep them healthy in case an engine start is needed, and with their fail contact connected to a binary input of the InteliDrive Lite FPC as a “Battery Charger Fail” (A or B).

Now the patients of the Hospital can be sure they are being cared for in a safer and controlled Hospital against a fire emergencies, and the Engineers can sleep peacefully because their Fire Suppression System is now under supervision 100% of the time.

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