Backup Power for a Clothing Distributor

In the 2002, due to an expansion in Eastern Europe and the improvement of logistics, the Orsay Company decided to build a warehouse in Poland. The decision was made and a village named Bielany Wroclawskie was chosen. In the beginning, no backup power supply seemed to be necessary but after a blackout lasting several hours, which delayed deliveries, it was decided to lease two generator units. This task was given to GENPOWER Ltd. 

Two units were equipped with InteliCompact NT MINT controllers. The client didn't need the units to synchronize so, using the ComAp controller to turn the generators into manual mode gave the client the flexibility they desired.

A representative from the GENPOWER Ltd. said: 

"We started to cooperate with the ComAp Company to satisfy the needs of our clients. We appreciate the simplicity of disassembly and adjusting as well as reliability, variety of functions and advanced systems for remote control. On top of that, besides the vast capabilities of ComAp controllers, they are user friendly and simple to service. ComAp controllers prove themselves to work flawlessly with the GENPOWER generators, providing full control and safety."

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