Power System for a Beverage Factory

Power System for a Beverage Factory

Source Du Pays S.A. is a family owned beverages company; dealing with the production and distribution of mineral water, soft drinks, milk and juices. Their headquarters are in Douala, Cameroon, with branches and production plants around the territory.

Only around 25% of Cameroon is using grid electricity, (even less in rural areas) so a reliable source of power is required. Source Du Pays installed diesel generators in their factory to ensure that manufacturing of their drink products would not be interrupted should the grid power become unstable or fail entirely.

Using ComAp’s InteliATS NT PWRInteliLite NT MRS15, and InteliCompact NT MINT, with their five Cummins diesel generators ensures that Source Du Pays can continue producing drinks for Cameroon and Central-West Africa without interruption.

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