ComAp reveals new monitoring and management software InteliSCADA

02. 02. 2021

ComAp has just announced new monitoring and management software, InteliSCADA. InteliSCADA replaces InteliMonitor for monitoring and management of ComAp controllers and accessories. It is PC software with a modern look and feel that has been developed with current web technologies, so the interface and overall user experience are much more intuitive. 

Easy to use
SCADA systems can be very complicated. They require a lot of programming knowledge and can take a lot of time to master even the basics. InteliSCADA makes this easy. It comes with pre-configured templates for different ComAp devices – users can just add devices/controllers and one-click is needed to get InteliSCADA programmed and started monitoring the site.
Users can add different monitoring instruments including start/stop buttons, gauges, alarm lists, and even a video feed from a web-connected camera. Then, InteliSCADA automatically connects the particular instrument to a controller. Going through a long list of all possible options is not needed.
Secure & reliable
InteliSCADA brings security that meets industrial standards. What’s more, InteliSCADA has been tested heavily and went through a long validation process. So, it makes InteliSCADA is suitable for complex projects.
InteliSCADA is offered in a three-level licence (Lite, Pro and Pro+) and is due for release in April 2021.

For the InteliSCADA product page, please go to
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Šárka Augustinová
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