ComAp at Power-Gen 2017

ComAp has just attended the biggest power generation event in North America - POWER-Gen International. We brought our team from all over the globe to this event to be closer to our customers; which is always a great opportunity to connect directly with the pulse of the market to always stay ahead of what's on the horizon. 


As part of this show, we launched the newest member of the ComAp family, the InteliGen 200 and the reception for it was great.  Bringing a product to market and getting it into the hands of the customer is an experience that makes tradeshows a very effective tool to drive growth. 


We also brought a different approach to booth design this year. We focused the design on four categories of ComAp's customers, OEMs, System Integrators, Packagers, and Fleet Operators.  This approach was well received, and it allowed us to cater our design more in a specific way.

We hope to see you again!

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