Backup Power System for Plant Farm

KF Bioplants is India’s premier producer and exporter in the high-tech field of plant tissue culture. Based in Pune, India, they have over four hectares of completely controlled greenhouses for growing and hardening young plants. Their 22 growth rooms can store over 10 million plants at any given time. Obviously all these facilities require a regular power supply to keep the plants alive and thriving, and ComAp controllers are used extensively to ensure reliable power to the facilities.

ComAp controllers were recently installed to control the power and load sharing between several different generators, allowing control and monitoring of the power, as well as providing a reliable source of energy, should the mains power become unstable. In this case one generator was a Cummins PCC 3100 and the other three generators were Cummins Non-PCC sets of a different output rating. All were fitted with ComAp InteliGen NT controllers, using a proprietary digital load sharing line. ComAp controllers offered high degree of reliability and flexibility in operation.

This application is using one ComAp controller as a supervisor for the Cummins PCC generator, where the ComAp controller measures the power of the gen-set, and adjusts the PCC kW and kVAr inputs based on load sharing demand. The other controllers on the other generators are linked to the main controller, and act as required by the supervisor controller. The application allows real-time active and reactive load sharing among all running generators; with load dependent start/stop of gen-sets i.e. power management. This ensures that all the generators are running at their most efficient levels, and that the run-time for all the generators will be even, allowing even wear and maintenance timing across the fleet. 

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