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GSM / GPRS Modem Plug-In Module
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IL-NT-GPRS: Plug-in communication module for InteliPro and InteliATS-NT.

CM2ILN2GXBX: Plug-in communication module for InteliLite-NT, InteliCompact-NT,  MainsCompact-NT, InteliDrive-FLX Lite, InteliDrive EM and InteliDrive Marine

  • GSM Modem function for dial-up connection
  • GPRS support for wireless internet connection
  • WebSupervisor system support for web based monitoring and control of one or multiple controllers at the same time
  • AirGate technology support for easy connection over GPRS, overcomes many of the issues traditionally experienced with internet connection to embedded systems
  • Remote access from LiteEdit or InteliMonitor 
  • Mobile and wireless solution
  • Automatic SMS message on alarms or events
  • SMS control of gen-set/engine - available at some controllers


Antenna not included. Nonetheless, ComAp does offer compatible and tested antenna that can be ordered separately under the following order code: ​OT1A4GXXMCX

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