Training in Fort Collins

Cost per attendee is $500, 3-day training.
June 11th -13th
Location Fort Collins CO - ComAp Technology Center
Focus - Single Unit Standby / Multiple Island Paralleling / Mains Interconnect
Controllers - InteliLIte MRS-19, InteliLIte MRS-16, InteliGen 200, InteliGen Basebox, InteliSys Base box and Mains

December 3rd-4th
Location - Fort Collins CO - ComAp Technology Center
Focus - Sales focused Flex Session - Based on Interest Possible Topics include Power Generation / Bi-Fuel, Hybrid Microgrids, Drive
Controllers – Flexible based on interest - InteliGen, InteliSys, InteliMains, IG500, ID Flex lite, ID DCU, ID BF Mobile, Denox Web Supervisor
3. 12. 2019 – 4. 12. 2019
USA (English)
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