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Case Studies

Power System for a Remote Town in Russia

For Naryan-Mar, a town in North West Russia, (located within the Arctic Circle), reliability of the power supply is a top priority. In December 2012 staff from ComAp commissioned the diesel generator plant’s Caterpillar 3516BHD with capacity of 1,820 kW, equipped with the system of dual-fuel mode of operation HSC 1600.

The dual-fuel system HSC 1600 allow monitoring, automatic control of engine dual-fuel mode operation, monitors parameters, protects on main parameters of the process and annunciates in case of emergencies. The system comprises of a control panel on the basis of the InteliDrive-BF controlled by ComAp, a gas manifold, a set of sensors for monitoring of diesel engine parameters and a set of electric cables.

Power System for Vankorskoe Oil Field

To power the the facilities there are eight gas turbines, and two Caterpillar diesel gensets. ComAp’s InteliSys NT is used to provide automatic synchronisation and parallel operation between the gas turbines and the diesel generators. The InteliSys controller was chosen for this project because it provides freely programmable logic, 1000 history entries, communication with an electronic control unit in the engine, regulation and indication of electric parameters, and providing for control, complex protection and reliable operation of the entire system. Another important feature is an open communication protocol Modbus RTU. It makes it possible to easily integrate information from ComAp control systems, also from ECU of Caterpillar engines, into the SCADA system of the entire oil field.

Remote Monitoring of a Power Plant In Kamchatka

OJSC South Power Utilities is Russia's largest power engineering company, specialising in the field of designing, manufacturing and delivery of complete equipment for thermal, nuclear, hydro and gas turbine power plants. OJSC recently installed an InteliVision 17Touch into their power plant in Kamchatka, in eastern Russia. The system is designed for control monitoring and control of a DGP Caterpillar generator 3512B-HD with a capacity of 1,280 kW.
SCADA designed for the system makes it possible to graphically display, using the InteliVision 17 Touch, the single-line scheme of the power circuit and the common bus of the switchgear 6.3 kV, position of the generator circuit breaker or main electric parameters of the common bus.

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