Personal Development

What are you gonna do in the first three months?

  • You will go through an adaptation seminar that introduces whole company
  • You have a mentor, who helps you with everything and is ready for your questions
  • There will be some informal sport or afterwork events you can be involved with if you want to

Adaptation is your first step to further development within ComAp!   


At ComAp, we offer:

  • A wide variety of group and indvidual language courses
  • Internal and external training or coaching (professional and personal development)
  • Constant feedback and evaluation
  • Talent development program and development programs for leaders 


We try to educate ourselves constantly and to be innovative. We use knowledge and experience of our internal experts, but we also search for more oportunities out of the company.

But the main aim of development is still the ambition to learn and work on ourselves!



"We spend a lot of time on constant development and education, because it is a way to becoming number one in our market. I perceive it as fixed goal for every individual or organization if it wants to be successful. But the fact, that ComAp enables our employees to change their work roles to use their abilities, motivation and current needs for the best, is rare and I see it as huge potential for bigger development by practice."

Klára Budová HR Director

ComAp Headquarters

We are a Czech company with 8 subsidiaries around the world.


Our employees

Meet Hanka, who takes care of our subsidiary in China

Our product

We introduce InteliLite, our well-known controller

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