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Use Gas Instead of Diesel - Save Money and the Environment.

ComAp, a market leader in engine control solutions, have developed an easy to fit bi-fuel management package which converts your diesel engine to run primarily on gas. ComAp has solutions for both stationery and mobile engines, with significant savings to be made with either solution. ComAp's bi-fuel system is ideally suited to generator packagers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) looking to deliver more economically beneficial power packages.

How it works

ComAp’s simple bi-fuel conversion modifies your original diesel power generation engine so that it uses natural gas as the main fuel - substantially reducing operating costs. It works by introducing gas into the engine and then electronically controlling gas flow dependent on engine speed and output. All without compromising the engine's power output, running time or maintance schedule. 


InteliBifuel Solutions

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Recommended by our customers

'Equipment quality, efficiency and operational reliability are in line with our expectations, but most important aspect is the complete satisfaction of our end-users. We recommend ComAp as reliable partner and we express our intention to collaborate with this company in future.'

Marian Motoc Technical, Service and Maintenance Manager
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