Reduce operational costs by up to 30%

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Reduce operational costs by up to 30% with our Propulsion & Auxiliary Solutions

Keep your diesel engine propulsion application under control and protection anytime on the water. ComAp offers reliable control and protection solution for engine, gear box and throttle control, together with the bridge visualization system with multiple remote displays and SCADA. The system is designed according to IACS rules for safety.

System reliability

Reliable control and protection solution for engine, gear box and throttle keep your diesel engine application in class.

Integrated solution

From main control unit over redundant protection unit to remote displays and relay boards, with load sharing, integrated clutch control and customized SCADA.

Reduced installation cost

Integrated hardware and software solution from one single supplier reduce time for installation, commissioning and troubleshooting, this is smart way of saving money.

How does it work?

Certified Solutions

ComAp have invested heavily in obtaining IACS certificates from most of the larger societies around the world, thus ensuring compliance of your vessel to the IACS standard and a true mark of quality.

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