Power Control System for an Oil Rig

Oil Rig off the coast of Sarawak, Malaysia

ComAp Singapore was recently involved in the installation of a power system for an oil rig off the coast of Sarawak, Malaysia. The engineering work was completed by ROS (Rotating Offshore Solutions, from Singapore) for the end customer Uzma, one of the largest oil and gas exploration companies in the world.

The site consisted of two 1.2 MW Waukesha gas gensets and two 1.2 MW marine Cummins diesel gensets along with one 1.2 MW emergency genset from Cummins for back power supply. The entire power management was executed using the ComAp control system and all the gensets control and monitoring was done InteliVision 17 Touch display module from the main control room. ComAp control modules were not only used for synchronizing and load sharing application but it played major role in system protection and operation in an defined limit as well. Several analog extension modules were used to monitor various temperature and analog parameters to have safe operation of gas gensets.
There were two Bus-Tie Breaker control modules to synchronize the Waukesha gas gensets to the Cummins diesel gensets if and when required.

The versatility of ComAp system allowed entire power management system to communicate with existing alarm management system over MODBUS RTU.

Thanks to the flexibility and configurability of ComAp controllers the client is able to manage the entire power generation system, providing the customer with a single HMI available locally and remotely.

ComAp Components:
  • InteliGen NTC-BB Marine
  • InteliMains BTB Controller
  • Intelivision 8 Marine
  • Intelivision 5 Marine
  • InteliVision 17 Touch
  • IS-AIN8
  • IS-AIN8 TC
  • IRB-16

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