Paralleling and Load Sharing Between Multiple Size Generators at a Copper Mine

Paralleling and Load Sharing at a Copper Mine

Monhorus International Co. Ltd recently installed ComAp’s InteliGen NT controllers into a power station at the Oyu Tolgoi mine site. The power station feeds a 10-kV substation from where the power is then distributed around the mine. Diesel gen-sets provide the power via ComAp InteliGen NT controllers which synchronise and share the load to ensure that the most reliable and efficient selection of generators is used at all times. The InteliGen NT controllers also provide comprehensive protection ensuring that this valuable power system is not compromised, leading to a restriction of mining operations.

The backup and support power station consists of two independent substations. The InteliMains BTB controllers also allow for the maintenance requirements of the generators.

Central monitoring of the whole system is achieved with InteliMonitor running on an industrial PC. The visual display of InteliMonitor was designed in cooperation with the customer

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