Mains Protections at a Cream Factory

Mains Protections at a Cream Factory

This project is a 50 kWp PV system on a cream factory Rodda´s, the cream makers since 1890, located in Redruth, Cornwall, United Kingdom.

Our systems are tested and verified by local electricity companies as part of G59/2 grid connection procedures and have always passed first time. We always use MainsPro relays in our G59/2 protection cabinets because of the high quality, easy of use and excellent service from your company"

We have more projects like these in the pipe line and also offer complete grid protection solutions to our clients with of course the MainsPro as a central component.  I have been on your on-line training to help me understand your product better. We really like MainsPro because it is virtually plug and play“ said Ronnie Bakker, Technical Director, 2020 Solar.

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