Hydroelectric Power Plant Cenek´s Saw-mill

Hydroelectric Power Plant Cenek´s Saw-mill

The very important Prague entrepreneur Čeněk Bubeníček founded a saw-mill and lumber-yard during the middle of the 19th century in a place previously used to float timber to Dlouhá Ves. The timber was then tied into rafts. In 1908, the saw-mill was modernized and three water wheels were installed. Two wheels ran two types of frame saws for various types timber processing; the third was used to run wood working machinery. When Kašperské Hory town became the owner of the whole facility, an application was sent to Sušice district office for a permission to build a power plant.

Water power plant Cenek´s Saw-mill is a hydroelectric plant with a tradition in water energy usage originally used for processing timber from Šumava district, situated at the Vydra and Křemelná rivers junction, further the Otava river flows in the watershed. The current water plant keeper is company ČEZ Renewable resources, s. r. o.

The entire power plant, where water is steered through an open diversion channel changing into a water-conduit bridge ca 50m before the building, is registered as a listed building by the Ministry of Culture CR. Any alterations to the channel upstream water-way, the building or the technological equipment must be approved by the authorities for the care of historical monuments.

To ensure the quality and reliability of supplied electric energy, a digital protection MainsPro for network supervising has been installed in the power plant since 2010. MainsPro is fitted in a metal box with the door from an old electromechanical protection unit to keep the look in an original and undisturbed way in regards to the 3kV switchboard history. The main protection function is to watch the tension and frequency for the 3kV distribution and also the shutting down the generator in case of breakdown.

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