STOR site in South West England

Genset control of STOR site in South West England

At certain times, the UK’s National Grid needs access to sources of extra power.
When there’s peak demand for electricity across the UK, the National Grid have the flexibility to start gensets across the country in Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) sites that feed in at very short notice to balance the grid and make sure there are no blackouts or brownouts in the system.

IPU an exclusive distributor of ComAp control system in UK, together with our customer GMI Power commissioned a STOR site of 40 500kW FG Wilson gensets in South West England.

Each genset is quipped with ComAp InteliGen NTC BaseBox genset controller and InteliVision 5 display. The site can produce 20MW of power in total when all gensets are running at full capacity. 

Watch video about this installation here.

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