Hydro Power Control in Iceland

Control System for Small Hydro Power Plant

ComAp, in cooperation with Iceland's Rafhusid ehf,  has commissioned two Pelton hydro turbines in Iceland, close to the village of Bildudadur. One of them is supplied from rain water with a 180m head and the other is supplied from underground water with a 200m head. Together they can feed 1450 kW of power directly into the grid. When the grid fails the turbines are disconnected and shut down.

After the retrofit the turbines are controlled by two InteliSys NTC BB controllers. ComAp’s system monitors all relevant parameters on the site such as water level, bearing temperatures, and nozzle positions. The turbine power output and speed is controlled by adjusting the position of water intake nozzles and the hydraulic valves. The controller automatically synchronizes the turbines with the grid and holds the constant speed of 750 RPM. The mains parameters are measured by MainsPro protection and in case that a problem occurs the site is disconnected from the grid.
The system was commissioned in February 2015 and since that time it produces an average of 66 MW hours of electricity every day.

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