Backup Power System for a Chicken Farm

Control System at Konak Chicken Farming Company

The chicken farming facilities that have been built in Sakarya/Ferizli in Turkey consist of 15 chicken raising enclosures. The production capacity per year is 3 million chickens (7500 tons per year).

In the facilities, there are 2 x 206 kVA, 1 x 225 kVA and 1 x 150 kVA gensets as a total of 5 gensets. The previous control modules have been replaced by InteliLite NT AMF 20’s gen-set controllers and IL-NT-GPRS’s communication modules, and all the units are being remotely controlled and monitored.

“In all of our units, the power generation system was designed as redundant to each other. Especially in summer, in case of power cut, there is a very high risk that the chicken may die in a couple of minutes. When we examined ComAp's WebSupervisor system, we agreed that the mentioned system is the most suitable system for us in order to avoid product losses and increase the efficiency. We can therefore monitor and follow our units instantly. In addition, we have implemented some alarms to ComAp controllers that we need for our system. This way, our current system became even much safer. Thanks to ComAp controllers and WebSupervisor, we can monitor our system  remotely and faster.” 

Ozer Konak (owner of Konak Chicken Farming Company)

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