Backup Power System

Backup Power System for a Hospital

Powertec Diesel Services is a small maintenance company in the Netherlands. They have used the gen-set controllers since 2006. Comapny started with an InteliLite NT and became experienced with the controllers. They mainly use them to replace old control boards and, depending on the customers needs, we choose one of the many ComAp controllers.

Most of the time they use the InteliGen NT, nowadays because its PLC. They are also doing a small amount of CHP units in which they prefer the InteliSys NT. You can use it for room ventilation after you run an emergency generator, release fuel supply pumps, without using extra relays, and controlling valves in CHP cooling circuits.

New projects are done by Secure Energy. Customers are hospitals,banks etc. They lately used the InteliGen NT for a installation in the St. Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen, which is the major hospital for orthopedic surgery. There are two units in use, one controlling an emergency generator of 2300kVA and one for a 300kW CHP. Both can run in cogeneration.

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