Backup Power for a Bank Head Office

Backup Power for a Bank Head Office

Ceskoslovenska Obchodni Banka is the Czech Republic’s biggest bank and has been operating for over fifty years. CSOB, (as it is commonly known) offer a wide range of financial and banking services for clients throughout the Czech Republic. In 2006 the moved into a new building in Prague 5.

CSOB had two Caterpillar gen-sets installed (with a total power of 2MW) to ensure critical systems remained online in case of a mains power failure.

ComAp’s control products were used to ensure that, should the mains fail, the gen-sets would be available to take over the electricity demands, and then sync back with the mains power when it came back online. ComAp‘s control system provides uninterrupted transition of load from mains to generator and back using forward and reverse synchronization, and also allows gen-set testing (with load) during daily operations. Two-way synchronization was an important consideration in the selection procedure, and ComAp’s InteliSys and InteliMains controllers were best suited to this particular application. The system is monitored by a building management system from a control room against unexpected power failures.

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