Mains Protection for a Solar farm

Solar Power Plant Connected to the Grid.

Compliance with grid protection standards around the world Use one device all over the world, no matter where your project ends up
Protect your investment Safely disconnect the generator from the grid as soon as a failure is detected
Plug and play solution User-friendly interface and easy settings can significantly reduce the time required for commissioning


Solar panels are now an established and cost-effective option for generating electricity, and as the supply operates in parallel-to-mains, they require protection that meets the local utility supply standards.

ComAp Solution

 As the installed capacity of decentralized sources of energy continues to increase, the distribution system can become less stable resulting in destabilizing of grid parameters such as voltage or frequency. Mains protections are essential to ensure the safe operation of the grid.

Mains Protection for a Solar farm
  1. MainsPro measures the grid parameters and disconnects the generator when the problem is detected to protect both the grid and the generator.

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