Forwarder application where an electronic engine drives a hydraulic pump and produces high-pressure oil for driving a manipulator.

One-Box Solution Integrated solution includes powerful PLC, communications and GPS
Complexity Powerful, flexible, and fully configurable
Robust Design Designed for harsh industrial environments


Forwarder requires a complex powerful electronic control system which has to be able control its electronic engine and hydraulic parts of the manipulator. 

ComAp Solution

IntelDrive Mobile is a powerful controller designed for harsh environments where it is required to control, monitor and protect combined industrial vehicles. This one-box solution offers a flexible configuration and easy installation.

  1. Two InteliDrive Mobile controllers are used in the application. The first one – Slave unit located in the driver’s cabin receives commands from the driver via joysticks, foot pedals and various switches. Large color screen together with a few pilot lights gives complete information and machine status.
    The second InteliDrive Mobile – Master unit located on the machine frame controls and monitors the engine and hydraulic control valves.
  2. Communication between the two InteliDrive Mobile controllers and the on-board color screen is via CAN line. This makes the system wiring and integration very simple.
  3. All values, warnings and fault codes from the engine are displayed on the on-board color screen.
  4. GPS module allows geofencing function – protecting machine against the stealing or unauthorized use. SMS or e-mail warning is sent in such case.
  5. GPRG Module allows monitoring machine activities or status of vehicle.

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