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Headquarters - United States
Headquarters - United States

InteliGen NT Colour MultiKit

Simulator of Multiple Genset Applications with Paralleling Gen-set Controllers and Color Displays
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  • A switchboard for testing multiple gen-set applications
  • Simulator includes 3 gen-set controllers (InteliGen NT BaseBox), 1 mains controller (InteliMains NT BaseBox), 4 colour displays (InteliVision 5) and Engine and Mains simulators
  • Controllers are connected with load sharing line and CAN bus
  • Shared connection to all controllers via built-in I-LB+ (for PC monitoring)

Please note: A maximum of 3 InteliGen NT Colour MultiKits can be purchased per order

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Headquarters - United States

Headquarters - United States
+1 815 636 2541
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