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InteliCharger 120 12-24

Automatic Battery Charger
Order code: ICHG-120 12-24
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The InteliCharger 120 12-24 is an advanced, automatic, multi-stage battery charger using “Switched mode technology” and “Battery care philosophy”, suited to meet the most advanced requirements of battery manufacturers.

Main Characteristics:

  • 24 V / 5 A or 12 V / 6 A nominal output (dual voltage)
  • Adjustable voltage and current output
  • High efficiency ≥ 90 %
  • Universal AC input range
  • Automatic battery status diagnosis
  • Microprocessor controlled charging algorithm
  • Four charging stages
    • Recovery
    • Bulk
    • Absorption
    • Float.
  • Protections
    • short circuit
    • overload
    • over temperature
    • reverse battery
    • battery under voltage
  • Blink code diagnostic LED
  • Fail alarm relay, resp. signal output terminal for discharged or damaged battery and charging fail signaling.
  • Battery support:
    • Open Lead Acid
    • Sealed Lead Acid
    • Lead Gel
    • NiCd–NiMH
  • Charger can be used as a standalone power supply
  • Naturally cooled
  • IP20 protection
  • DIN rail mounting
  • UL Recognized

Suitable for following applications:

  • Standby generators
  • Prime power Generators
  • Engine driven pumps/compressors
  • DC breaker tripping systems
  • Automotive or Marine
  • Alarm systems
  • Industrial control systems
  • Robust PSU
  • Electric vehicles
  • Switchgear



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