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Gas Train

Low pressure gas train for HSC
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Assembly of components necessary to reduce and control gas flow into the engine.

  • suitable for High Speed engine Conversions
  • ended with electronic throttle valve
  • low pressure output 10 - 30mbar
  • inlet pressure range 150 - 350 mbar

 According genset power there are several types (dimensions):

​Product Code ​​ ​Note
​IBF-GT25 ​DN25, Outlet 1x 1BSP, up to 250kWe
​IBF-GT40 ​DN40, Outlet 2x 1BSP, 250 - 650 kWe
​IBF-GT50 ​DN50, Outlet 2x 5/4BSP, 600 - 1000 kWe​
​IBF-GT50A ​DN50, Outlet 4x 1BSP, 600 - 1000 kWe
​IBF-GT65 ​DN65, Outlet 4x 5/4BSP, 1000 - 1650 kWe
​IBF-GT80 ​DN80, Outlet 4x 5/4BSP, 1650 -  2200 kWe


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