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9 Analog Inputs and 1 Analog Output Module
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Analog Input Output module

The AIO9/1 is an external module suitable for measurement and control of analog inputs and output through CAN interface. The module enables tracking of voltage and current in 4 nodes in telecommunication applications with nominal voltage of 48 V and is optimized for usage with InteliLite Telecom DC controller. Typically measures Battery, DC Generator, Load and Auxiliarry (Photovoltaic or Wind) source.
· Inputs and Outputs

  • 4x differential voltage inputs for measurement in range of 0 - 65V or -65V – 0V (grounded positive node of telecommunication application)
  • 4x shielded, galvanically separated ±75mV inputs for DC current measurement on resistor shunts
  • One Speed Governor or Generator Voltage Regulator output: galvanically separated analog outputs with 0 – 20 mA, 0 – 10 VDC, PWM option
  • Resistance analog input 0 – 2500 ohm for battery temperature measuring and consequent charging characteristics compensation  

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