Save Operational Expenses with WebSupervisor 4.0

For more than 25 years, ComAp has been leading the way in providing intelligent electronic control products and solutions for power generation and diesel/gas engines. Now, trying to reflect the needs of the customers, it has completed its offer of genset controllers with a cloud-based system designed for remote monitoring and management of controllers via the internet – WebSupervisor 4.0.

The system offers many beneficial features that help optimize revenue for machinery fleets, be it of rental, packager, telecom or cogeneration companies. Providing an easy and instant access from PC, tablet or smart phone, WebSupervisor 4.0 enables 1 to 10000+ gensets to be viewed and individually monitored for all important operation values, bringing to use a set of advanced monitoring and control management tools (such as uptime monitoring, fuel theft monitoring or service scheduling), as well as analytical and reporting tools (fleet performance overview, efficiency improvements, and OPEX optimization).
Immediate access to all important operation values
Using a cloud-based fleet management, the customers can monitor their genset fleet remotely on-line and receive alarm-generated SMS or e-mails (based on programmed parameters) that enable them to identify the immediate status of the generator and react to the issue within a very short time, usually within 5 minutes (for example engine overloading, insufficient cooling). “Thanks to installed GPS card, the geofencing function is also available to ensure that the gensets are used only within the predetermined location thus functioning as asset theft prevention. Monitoring run-hours, fuel level and overall condition of gensets leads to reduced maintenance costs and improved fuel management (fuel theft prevention), are also on the list of WebSupervisor’s monitoring benefits,” says Lukáš Vajnar, ComAp Area Sales Manager.

Analytical and reporting tools for OPEX optimization, failure diagnosis or trend evaluation
Web Supervisor4.0 offers equipment owners many powerful reporting tools. Automated reports allow for convenient monthly summary of fleet revenue performance and costs. Typically used for produced kWh, engine hours and fuel consumed, the reports ensure that maintenance scheduling and asset utilization can be maximized for individual equipment and the whole fleet. The information generated from each controller can be archived on the central server for future analysis, failure diagnosis, operator usage or trend evaluation (controller history download feature). The Sampling Period feature then transforms WebSupervisor from merely a monitoring device to a device with the capacity to log transients and so helps diagnose performance and failure modes.
Specific user access rights to ensure higher security
The flexible system provides a high level of security, with the central administrator able to determine users’ access rights for specific equipment within the fleet as well as appropriate information.
Higher efficiency of admin tasks thanks to data exchange with business systems
Using an application programming interface (API), the system enables data exchange with customer‘s business systems (ERP, CRM, Logistics, BMS, etc.). This can result in the generation of automatic invoicing based on energy consumed, engine run hours, automatic deployment of maintenance teams based on service data, automatic spare part ordering based on service timers, or alarms or displaying data from other systems all inside the WebSupervisor user interface – all completely configurable for the customer.

WebSupervisor 4.0 capabilities proven in practice
The undisputed benefits of WebSupervisor 4.0, and the Lite version, which is complimentary for ComAp customers, have been tested in practice and confirmed by number of customers from around the world, all speaking highly about its capabilities.
“Remote monitoring of the equipment is a vital feature for our company and the unique monitoring capabilities of our controllers provided us with significant advantages compared to other controllers,“ says Amr El Katamy, chairman of El Katamy pumps and generators rental company from Saudi Arabia. “Thanks to alarm signals, we know exactly what is going on with the generator and can send a team to fix it.”
Thanks to its unique features, WebSupervisor has been selected also to ensure the reliable power supply for a night race of Formula One Singapore Grand Prix. “We needed a reliable control system for all 36 gensets,“ says Behadir Celim, managing director of Genpower Generator, a company ensuring power supply for the race. “The consequences of failure are extremely big. When you have almost 2 billion watchers all around the world, you really need a world class technical equipment.”

This article was originally published in Construction Review, June 2018, Vol 29 No. 6.

Jiří Hruška
Jiří Hruška
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