New Russian & German certifications for our products

In recent weeks, ComAp has been given several essential certifications in the European and Russian markets. First of all, we are proud to receive the Russian River Register certification for our Marine propulsion and auxiliary engine controllers; and for power management generator controllers and their accessories. For the entire list of RRR-certified products, please go here. ComAp also gained the overall RRR approval as a producer

Secondly, we have obtained a Component Certificate of German Grid Codes standard VDE-AR-N 4110:2018. The certificate applies for the following controllers: InteliGen GSC, InteliGen GSC-C, InteliSys GSC-C, and InteliSys Gas. The certificate is available here or at the above products´ homepages in the Certificates section.
Šárka Augustinová
Šárka Augustinová
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