Multifactor Authentication Login to WebSupervisor

ComAp is leading the way in implementing innovations and security into our products and services. Security is our highest priority also at our cloud-based system WebSupervisor - for monitoring and management of ComAp and 3rd party devices and data analysis. Therefore, the Multifactor Authentication (MFA) was the next step forward that brings WebSupervisor user account security to another level.

Main Benefits of MFA

MFA requires that users identify themselves with more steps than their username and password ( which are vulnerable to brute force attacks and can be stolen by third parties). Signing in with MFA in form of a push notification with code or a QR code scanning increases security assurance of your account that will remain safe from cybercriminals.

MFA & ComAp Cloud Identity

Multifactor authentication is part of the new ComAp Identity Management – service that will in the future provide single admission to other ComAp´s online services and applications.
WebSupervisor is the first service connected to the ComAp Cloud Identity portal and the MFA login is enabled when registering into ComAp Cloud Identity Portal.

ComAp Cloud Identity & API

If you plan to register at Comap Cloud Identity and you use your WebSupervisor account for API data gathering, it is necessary to do changes in your code. Please contact us for more information.

If you use a sub-account for data gathering via API, a pairing of your main account with ComAp Cloud Identity will not affect the sub-user accounts legacy login.

MFA & Legacy Login

The activation of MFA is voluntary for all current WebSupervisor users until the end of September 2022. Till this time, the legacy login into WebSupervisor remains active, but without the benefit of MFA.

Users who want to log in with a secured MFA have to create a ComAp Cloud Identity account and associate it with existing WSV account/accounts. Legacy login will be then disabled for all associated accounts with ComAp identity, and a user will be able to log in only by using ComAp Identity.
To increase the security of the whole account, the account owner can force all sub-users to create ComAp Cloud Identity and log in with MFA.

MFA login is available for Lite and Pro WebSupervisor users.

ComAp Cloud Identity will be mandatory for all newly registered WebSupervisor accounts.


Martina Ťopková
Martina Ťopková
WebSupervisor Product Manager

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