ComAp Opens a New Subsidiary in Slovakia

ComAp is happy to announce the opening of its 10th subsidiary: ComAp Slovakia s.r.o., in Košice. This move was the outcome of the planned expansion of the software development team in the Research&Development department and the constantly growing demand for innovative software solutions.

“In Prague, where the job market is oversaturated with employers, there are no specialists to be had and there aren’t enough university graduates. So we are taking the work where the people are. We are targeting places where there is a good university and motivated and talented specialists,” says ComAp’s R&D Director Marek Novotný. What’s more, ComAp is collaborating with the local technical university. 

“Remote collaboration by teams and individual working conditions are the trends of the near future and ComAp has to know how to handle them,” says Blanka Chladová from ComAp’s HR department. Thanks to its easy accessibility from Prague (the flight takes roughly 1.5 hours), employees at the branch can regularly meet their colleagues from R&D to discuss joint projects, either at the Prague head office or at the new subsidiary. 
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