ComAp Expands Local Presence in United States

04. 10. 2019

ComAp is expanding its local presence in United States of America and opens two new local offices. We are excited to increase our connection to the markets and customers within the United States. 

ComAp’s excellent customer service, dynamic products, and innovative solutions have enabled customers across the United States of America to reliably and remotely control their power for over 20 years. ComAp is now opening two new offices in the United States to bring the company even closer to the market it serves. A new technology center will be established in Fort Collins, Colorado for ComAp’s engineering team to train and develop existing and future products. In addition, the sales department will open a new office in Schaumburg, Illinois, within the Greater Chicago area, to provide an additional location for ComAp to support its customers. 

ComAp America’s President, Kevin Counts, said “Since 2007, ComAp has built our reputation within the United States on customer support and local presence. We are renewing our commitment to the United States by expanding our office locations to be even closer to the customer.”

ComAp Americas
ComAp Americas

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