A week with ComAp in beautiful Myanmar!

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On 27 of February 2018 Linear Power International, ComAp's sole distributor in Myanmar, held a full-day seminar introducing ComAp products and past projects to local customers. The sessions were delivered by experts from ComAp headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic and the office of ComAp South East Asia in Singapore.

ComAp introduced the overall ComAp portfolio with focus on products for single as well as paralleling gensets, telecom and renewables applications and products for marine industry. The event took place in a beautiful Hotel Lotte, a 5-star finest modern structure which offered unforgettable views over the Inya Lake and iconic Shwedagon Pagoda. Each of the participants was treated a ComAp bag with further information on ComAp products as well as complimentary gifts as prepared by Linear Power International. The seminar was followed by a product hands-on training session that took place on 28 of February. Our technical expert from ComAp South East Asia went deep into the technical aspects of our products.

During numerous practical sessions, participants faced real-life scenarios which they were asked to solve on training simulators. Through the use of ComAp InteliMonitor the participants learned how to use SCADA diagram, browse controller history records, adjust setpoints and many others. Participants also learned how to use ComAp PLC. Our experts stayed in Myanmar for the whole week to meet and train our customers.

You can see Linear Power's great video about the event on YouTube by clicking here. Lukas-Presentation.jpg




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Ben Stimson

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