Our company culture

You will grow! Personal development is essential
Opinions matter Open communication makes our team strong
No formalities We know and communicate with all our colleagues
Don´t get bored Think outside of the box and be part of big projects

'Whenever I come to ComAp I feel great! I am with people who are smart, active, and always searching for a solution. They trust to each other which allows me to focus on good rather than on bad. I enjoy the absence of ego - ComAp is place where WE is more than I.'

Libor Mertl Founder, Member of the board
Responding to changing demands
Going the extra mile
Being accessible
Great people
Our people are our business
Trust and respect in everything we do

Culture of education

  • You are the one who decides how you will grow, we help you to achieve your goals
  • ComAp take inspiration from the concept of „learning organization“
  • The goals of this concept is:

    • sharing of knowledge inside the company
    • fulfilling the corporate strategy thanks to education
    • setting goals and passing responsibility for professional and personal growth
  • Formal training is not always the way to learn. We like to learn informally too.
  • Founders of ComAp have the role of coaches for our employees