Towards Responsible Change

At ComAp, we are aware of our environmental responsibility to our customers, employees, and society in general. We know that the global resources are not unlimited and therefore we are determined to reduce ComAp’s carbon footprint and overall impact on the environment. ComAp is committed to take actions on both corporate and individual level.
“At ComAp, we understand that the future of power generation is renewables. Nevertheless, we are also aware of today´s challenge - their integration with conventional resources which are still required to maintain the reliability and stability of the energy supply. Therefore, we strive to develop products which make power generation more efficient, with optimized fuel consumption and reduced emissions as well as addressing the environmental protection needs of today and tomorrow.”

Peter Sandin CEO
Business focus and solutions we provide

ComAp solutions for hybrid systems enable maximizing the amount of energy from renewables while not endangering the system stability. We are continuously investing in the development of technologies that help to reduce fuel consumption. (Read more here.)
For traditional power generation, we continuously work to improve these solutions to become more efficient, reduce emissions and the usage of fossil fuels.

ComAp’s Renewable Energy Centre of Excellence (RCE) based in Brisbane, Australia provides consultancy and advice on projects for the renewable energy market, but can also provide a complete, turn-key control system installation depending on the needs of the client. The RCE staff have many years of industry experience combined with advanced engineering knowledge and are able to deliver solutions for any renewable energy control application. (Read more here.)

We help customers to ensure that their business is as efficient as possible when using renewable energy solutions and provide products and solutions that will support them to reduce their carbon footprint. Find out more in these case studies:

Power Control System for Willinga Park Equestrian Centre

The Greenest Datacentre in Switzerland

ComAp Hybrid Solution for Peter Island

Our products 

All ComAp products are marked according to the WEEE Compliance Policy Statement and discarded products are recycled in a waste disposal centre. ComAp has also launched a global recycling service for all ComAp equipment. All the devices can be brought to our subsidiary or distributor and they will be then handed over to a recycling company. All packaging materials are fully recyclable as well.

Company set-up and internal behaviour

We are actively reducing the consumption of energy and water in ComAp’s headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic. Our building has a Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) certificate and has been evaluated with the “excellent” result which guarantees between 30 and 70% savings on energy consumption compared to standard offices.

CO2 emissions from ComAp’s IT operations were reduced by at least 30% by moving to cloud service. Water consumption in the HQ is reduced by installed water savers. Moreover, ComAp is regularly organizing educational workshops for employees concerning healthy lifestyle, waste management, and responsible consumerism.
The Sustainability Pledge
ComAp has pledged the following actions as a part of its support for clean energy and lower-carbon technologies as well as for lowering the impact of its business on the environment:

Sustainability targets for ComAp HQ (by the end of 2020):
  • 100% CO2 neutral power supply 
  • 100% CO2 neutral product transport
  • 60% of waste recycled*
  • 15% reduction of annual electrical energy consumption*
  • 20% water consumption reduction*
*Based on 2018 figures
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